Solar energy in Czech Republic in 2009

According to information from the Energy Regulatory Office has increased the installed capacity of solar power plants as of July 2009 to 80 MWp and was granted over 2,000 licenses for business in this sector. Nearly 180 elektáren is larger than 30 kWp, of which 19 licenses were granted for projects larger than 1 MWp. At present, future projects, tens of MW. Photovoltaics unrivaled became the fastest growing energy sector? The huge interest in solar power continues, although the purchase price of electricity to reduce the maximum allowed by law.

The current global financial crisis, the boom will not stop, on the contrary - for investors and banks for construction projects, renewable energy (photovoltaic plants in particular) very attractive investment destination because of minimal project risk, comparable perhaps only to an investment in government securities. And we all know ...

Where will this take away so young and so dynamic energy sector? What is the total potential of solar CR and we use it? What are the conditions for the construction of new solar power plants and what is the support for public administration? What to do in preparation and implementation of new projects? Are and will benefit cities and communities in the preparation and financing of solar power? We have a boom mikroinstalation solar power? Holds a high purchase price of electricity from solar sources? What changes is preparing MPO CR in an amendment to the Act on the production of electricity from renewable sources?

Program Solar Energy Conference in CR 2009:

Opening speech - Current trends in photovoltaics in the CR and the EU, prospects FVE and legislative developments in the CR for MoE CR

JUDr. Jan Dussek, M.Sc., First Deputy Minister, Director of International Affairs, Legislation and Public Administration, Ministry of Environment

Operating Environment program, the area of support 3.1 - option grants for cities to villages FVE

Ing. arch Petr Stepanek, Ph.D., Director, State Environmental Fund

How and when the purchase prices of solar power plants affected by the forthcoming amendment to the Act on the promotion of electricity from renewable sources

representative of the Ministry of Industry CR

10.20-10.40 Coffee break

Conditions for connecting photovoltaic sources to distribution networks

Ing. Martin Nemecek, Vice Chairman and Director of Provision Networks, ČEZ Distribution, Inc.

Connecting fotovolataic resources to LV and HV networks

Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Pospisil, CSc., Director, PROTECTION & Consulting, Ltd.

Financing Commercial Bank of photovoltaic power

Ing. Petr Laník leading segment and product management - Medium and large companies as Commercial Bank

13.00 to 14.30 lunch

FVE from the perspective of the major players: CEZ plans RES globally

Mgr. Cmíral Martin, Ph.D., Chief Executive, CEZ Ltd.

The specifics of processing energy audit FVE

Ing. Jaroslav Jakubes, Enviros, s.r.o.

Experience with the approval processes and interest FVE projects in the Zlín Region

Ing. Miroslava Knotková, Director, Energy Agency of the Zlín Region, ops

Legal conditions for solar energy

Mgr. Václav Vlk, lawyer, Rödl & Partner, C. I.

17.00 Discussion and conclusion of the first day of the conference

Invitation to a glass of wine, informal discussions

Thursday, the 15th October - Day II.

9.00 Opening of the second day

Legislative environment and purchase prices from 2009 to .....?

Green bonus or purchase price?

Ing. Rostislav Kreuzer, Head of regulatory resources and networks of the Department of Electrical Power, Energy Regulatory Office

Configuration FVE - difficulties of investors and how to avoid them

Jiri Janda, Chief Executive, NW vodohospodářské Ltd.

Organically produced high solar modules

Kerstin Schmidt, Sales Manager Eastern Europe, Switzerland and Austria, REC Solar Germany GmbH

Construction of structures KRINNER platform FVE Smiřice

George Houžvík, Director, KRINNER CZ s.r.o.

Enfinity - Energy for life

Ing. Pavel Drahoš, MBA, General Manager, Enfinity United Republic sro

(Inverters) Fronius - guarantees the highest yields in climatic conditions of the CR

Ing. Petr Klimek, Sales Manager, Fronius Czech Republic sro

Possible solutions for roofs with inadequate reserve load

Ing. Jakub Halamíček, IBC Solar

13.00 Final discussion and lunch