Conference with our participation - Solar energy in the CR 2009

25th March in the Mövenpick Hotel in Prague, 2nd place annual conference on the theme - Solar energy in the CR 2009th

Among the lecturers are also presented Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Pospisil, CSc., Director, PROTECTION & Consulting, Ltd. The topic of his lecture was Photovoltaics - Connecting resources to fotovolataických LV and HV networks.

Held under the aegis Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister Martin Bursik.

President: Ing. Tomas Buzrla

Potential solar radiation in the Czech and Slovak Republic and the possibility of energy recovery
RNDr. Marcel Suri, PhD. (PVGIS co-author), GeoModel Ltd.

Legislative environment and purchase prices from 2009 to ... ..? Green bonus or purchase price?
Ing. Rostislav Kreuzer, Head of regulatory resources and networks of the Department of Electrical Power, Energy Regulatory Office

Comparison of efficiency of utilization of solar radiation for the production of electricity and heat production - the possibility of solar heating and the conditions for greater use
Ing. Edvard Sequens, energy consultant, Calla, the independent expert commission to determine the energy needs of the CR in the long term

Operating Environment program, the area of support 3.1 - option grants for cities to villages FVE
Ing. arch Petr Stepanek, Ph.D., Director, State Environmental Fund

Conditions for connecting photovoltaic sources to distribution networks
Ing. Martin Nemecek, Vice Chairman and Director of Provision Networks, ČEZ Distribution, Inc.

Connecting fotovolataických resources to LV and HV networks
Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Pospisil, CSc., Director, PROTECTION & Consulting, Ltd.

Insurance of solar power and other environmental projects
Ladislav Moravec, Allianz Insurance, a.s.

Strategy Commercial Bank to finance photovoltaic power
Ing. Vladimir Jerabek, Deputy General Director, Distribution, Commercial Bank, as

Financing Commercial Bank of photovoltaic power
Ing. Petr Laník leading segment and product management-Medium and large businesses, Commercial Bank and
Ing. Radek Trachta, director of the Commercial Division Morava - Top Corporations, Commercial Bank, as

Case study - Photovoltaic power Lešany I and II. stage - the winning project Solar league CR
Ing. Michal Jůza, Director, FVI s.r.o.

Experience with power plant construction FV Lešany from the perspective of representatives of public administration - planning, management and other approval processes
Francis Vrkoslav, Mayor Lešany

Enfinity - Energy for life
Ing. Pavel Drahoš, MBA, General Manager, Enfinity

Investing in FV plants in CR - analysis of the project and risks in terms of CR ((What to watch out for when evaluating tenders and what vendors offer Solartec)
Ing. Jaromir Rehak, Director, Solartec Ltd.

Reliable inverter as the heart of photovoltaic power
Qualitative characteristics of inverters and their maintenance - experience Fronius
Hans Pelzer, Fronius