2009 The project, study and protection

Since 2007, we have prepared more than 300 studies of connectivity. The most significant include the following:

2009 Lysice photovoltaic power plant, 5 MW
2009 Žabčice photovoltaic power plant, 6 MW
2009 Ledce photovoltaic power plant, 6 MW
2008 Perna photovoltaic power, 15 MW
2007 photovoltaic power Ostrožská Lhota, 600 Wp (first study to connect photovoltaic power plant in CR)

We process the HV and LV connection projects for energy - steam, water, wind, cogeneration units and is currently mainly photovoltaic systems. The most recent include:

2009 Čejč photovoltaic power, 2 MW
2009 Křižanov photovoltaic power plant, 1 MW
2009 photovoltaic power over Bystřice Perštejnem, 2 MW
2008 Měnín photovoltaic power, 3 MW (the first project in the CR over 2 MW)
2007 Jaroslavice photovoltaic power plant, 600 kW (first installation - a project for VN FVE in CR)
Photovoltaic power Tulešice 2007 - Vestas, 2 MW